The Flexible Orchestra at the Ukrainian Restaurant, September 28th, 2017

The Flexible Orchestra with a core of bassoons and contrabassoons performs September 28th, Thursday, 7:30 at the Ukrainian Restaurant, 140 Second Av. At 9th Street, conducted by our wonderful, Tara Simoncic.

It’s a “Concerto Program” with works by Daniel Goode (the orchestra’s founder), Krystina Bobrowski from San Francisco, David Demnitz from Gamelan Son of Lion, and violist/composer, Stephanie Griffin of the Momenta Quartet. In addition, as a gesture to the history of “multiples” of one instrument, we will revive Mary Jane Leach’s “Feu de Joie” for solo bassoon and six recorded bassoons. The soloist will be Sara Schoenbeck, our first bassoonist.

Goode’s “Concerto for Lecturer and Orchestra” is a setting of his wife, Ann Snitow’s lecture on how to survive backlash—ominously relevant to now. Ann will perform the solo lecture.

David Demnitz’s “Savor Pelog/Shading: Clarinet Concerto” is written for Goode playing his instrument. It was originally a piece for gamelan orchestra, which he as transcribed for the Flexible Orchestra.

Bobrowski’s premiere will feature her on french horn. Stephanie Griffin will feature herself on viola.

For further information, write Daniel Goode at

No reservations are needed for the concert. For before the concert dinner reservations, call the restaurant at:

Remember the concert starts at 7:30!


2014 Recordings

Tom Johnson
8 Pattern – 11min 46sec

Kamala Sankaram
Brown – 7min 50sec

Daniel Goode
Aviva Opera – 8min 48sec

Alvin Curran
ViolaVoila – 26min 33 sec

2013 Recordings

Daniel Goode
Clarinet Songs:
Clarinet Babies – 4min 32sec 

Whittling – 6min 13sec

Higher Song – 6min 55sec

Square Wave Walk – 2min 59sec

David Klezmer 
Set by Krakauer – 18min 14sec

Doina Rotaru
Metabole III – 8min 10sec

David Mahler
Takes on a Song – 14min 09sec

2012 Recordings

Daniel Goode
Clarinet Songs:
Higher Song: Hungariana – 17min 36sec

Square Wave Walk for Clarinet and Flexible Orchestra – 01min 49sec

Slendro Drum for Clarinet and Flexible Orchestra – 2min 07sec

Lisa Karrer
Language of Life – 13min 15 sec

Hydrophony – 14min 39sec

Four Places in Summer – 20 min 01sec

4BC – 23min 03sec